A Time for Quiet Reflection

A Time for Quiet Reflection

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My phone has not stopped buzzing since yesterday, turns out I am increasingly popular towards the year end 😉 Last lame joke for the year, done.

Mr.C and I had a delightful lunch date (sans kids!) during the week, indulging in one of our favourite cuisines – Spanish. If I was not off alcohol, lunch would have been accompanied by copious amounts of the red elixir of life. The quiet was at times startling, we’re used to the chaos that comes with having kids. We fully immersed ourselves in the cuisine and of course, the company.

Glorious Spanish Food!

Mr.C and I took the opportunity to chat about what we loved best about 2017 (birth of CocoJr#2 excluded!) and what we look forward to in 2018. Would you care to indulge in our quiet reflection and aspirational thoughts for the year to come?

Mr.C enjoyed walking CocoJr#1 to and fro school on weekdays the most, he enjoyed the very original conversations he had with the quick thinking little boy. That will change in our current set-up since we moved, we’ll figure that out next year though! Mr.C loved our trip to Kohsamui (of course, we were sipping coconuts by the beach everyday, 8 day straight!) and he also enjoyed the outcome of his conscientious investing.

7ams like this, I can do…

I had a fair bit of work travel this year whilst pregnant which I extended by a few days to a week to do some non-work travel. So in no particular order, my treasured memories of 2017 are: my extended holiday in LA and San Fran with brother dearest (just the two of us!), seeing the Taj Mahal and the Himalayan range from Shimla (breath-taking!), just the 3 of us coconuts at home and our Kohsamui trip.

The right minaret having a mudpack slapped on as part of it’s beauty ritual (true story, that’s how the Taj Mahal maintains it’s youthful looks)
This view was truly breathtaking and this picture does not do it enough justice. I was freezing my (cute lil) tush off!
Heya Jacko!

The 2018 aspirations for The Mister and I overlap a little:

  1. Have Fun Activities / Events! We haven’t fully figured this out yet however I reckon being constantly on the look out and having an open mind to activities would help. It’s looking good so far, we have Jr signed up for preschool footie Jan onwards and a trial gymnastics class as well as a wall climbing class with his friends. Mr.C and I just signed up for 10 Muay Thai classes, first class is tomorrow! Mr.C is convincing me I’m not going to be eaten by crocs and I ought to do my sailing course. I’m more inclined to do a boating course first where I don’t have to deliberately tip myself into the water!
  2. Be deliberate in our thoughts and actions. So much of our days and our lives go by without much thought into it. The whole ‘go with the flow’ approach is great, however we want to direct our thoughts and actions more purposely. Enough to generate the outcomes we want without being so draconian to strip the fun away from life.
  3. Be present – strike a balance between long term thinking, short term planning and soaking up what the present offers
  4. Be in touch with our social circle more – it is amazing how time flies and you realise how long it’s been since you met x, y or z. I aim for once a quarter at minimum with all my mates!
  5. Hone the investment skills (totally Mr.C!)
  6. Intellectual growth. Learn new things – this could be a language or sport or an activity or a field of study. I want to know more today than I did yesterday!

That sums us up over here at Sipping Coconuts! Chime in on your thoughts and your best of 2017 and your anticipation for 2018!

Author: Ms.K

Ms.K is everything that Mr.C is, without the natural interest in investing and company financials! The activity planner for the family, the driver of random ideas and soon to be ‘retiring’ in to full time motherhood – Ms.K has no idea what she’s in for but remains super excited!

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