Do you pack your tuna sandwich to work?

Do you pack your tuna sandwich to work?

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Ms K and I were talking the other day about some discounted cans of albacore tuna I bought from Cold Storage’s clearance section. Now, I had never tried albacore prior to this because it costs like 2x-3x the price of our usual Ayam brand tuna. So when I saw it going for like $1.35/can I snapped a few up to try. It turned out that albacore tuna did taste better than the usual tuna…but I don’t think I’m willing to pay so much more when it’s not discounted for that amount of incremental taste.

Anyway, Ms K then mentioned how she was talking with her American friend about the albacore we bought and the price, and her friend then said “Ohmygawd…tuna in Singapore is soooooo expensive…”. I’m joking, she doesn’t talk like a valley girl…haha. But basically she mentioned how she was quite shocked to see tuna prices in SG because back home a can only costs US$0.50 each.

That’s insane!!! Even after you make the conversion to SGD!!! I’ll let you do the math 😉

So our conversation then flowed on to how a lot of influential FIRE blogs are US based with a smattering of Canadians, Europeans and the odd one or two down under and how they mostly recommend packing your own tuna or ham sandwich lunch to work to save on cost. I’ve seen a few SG based bloggers post how they too pack their lunch to work.

If you think about it, a can of tuna in SG costs S$2+ on average. Add in the bread, onions, effort, etc and you’re getting closer to S$3. It’s cheap yes…but not fifty cents ++ like in USA. So while packing your lunch to work is probably a healthier choice, (healthy) eating out in a local hawker centre isn’t really that bad an option when you consider the food variety, time saved, contribution to the economy, and the intangible benefits from lunchtime socialising with your colleagues (work insights, rapport, climb that ladder).

Bottom line is: Always think whether a particular advice/viewpoint is suitable for your particular circumstances. Some may only be relevant for them, or maybe it just requires some tweaking to localise the advice and make it work for you. I’m all for packing work lunches because it tends to be healthier, but just make sure you’re doing it for reasons that stack up against why you think you are doing it and not because you read it on some blog somewhere.

[disclaimer: We don’t usually shop at Cold Storage unless it a “time chill and reward ourselves a bit” shopping trip, like buying lobster [wait for this post!] or wagyu steak [and this!] for some cooking at home, which generally beats eating out anyway in terms of cost and taste (at least to us….except for eating at Morton’s. Can’t recreate that taste yet! T_T)]

p/s: while researching this article I thought I found a lobang / lubang (not a literal translation but meant to mean: awesome deal) when I saw tuna for S$0.90/can on Fairprice’s website. Then I realised it was tuna cat food from Whiskas™….. FML.


Author: Mr.C

Mr.C – our resident investment expert and the muscle behind this entire movement for Sipping Coconuts. When his nose is not buried in anything financial, he’s either sailing or cooking or with the kids and always with a beer or a coconut nearby!

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