Extra 5% cashback with DBS Live Fresh Card

Extra 5% cashback with DBS Live Fresh Card

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So DBS have launched a refresh of their DBS Live Fresh Card, this time in conjunction with SBTG which is a homegrown Singaporean street design outfit. I remember seeing a feature on Channel News Asia before about SBTG customising some sneakers and thought to myself “wow these people are doing something with their passion and they’re making something out of it”.

While I’ve always been interested in hip hop culture and was pretty good in bboy-ing (I remember friends describing moves to me and I go “you mean something like this?” and nail it even when trying for the first time. I know…so many hidden talents right? lol) I never pursued the idea of continuing with that as a adult.

The “only way” in my mind at the time was to get a good paying job with my accounting qualification…just hopefully not doing accounts or audit. ๐Ÿ™‚ That was the extent of my imagination….or perhaps that was just me being practical as I didn’t have the luxury of being born with a silver spoon.

Having said that, one thing we wanna do when SippingCoconuts is closer to FIRE is to restart all those interests that have fallen to the side and see if we’ve still got it. After all, we do need to occupy ourselves with stuff other than sitting by the beach sipping coconuts. ๐Ÿ˜‰

New Features

What has Mr Sabotage (cool name right) done with the DBS Live Fresh Card? The revamped card features a unique, glow-in-the-dark camouflage design that the he says is inspired by the notion of Freedom of choice, and of independence.

Here’s how it looks:

(pretty street I would say….haha. Mr Ethan Khoo might want to change his card number though…since it’s all over the internetz…)

DBS says that “the contrasting pink-and-turquoise print evokes the spirit of bold originality”, and represents how DBS is assisting it’s customers with the freedom to pursue their life passions to the fullest.

Okay, but what’s the financial benefit like a higher cash back?

There are no complicated spend requirements or tiered reward points structures to take note of. Instead, cardholders receive cashback on their purchases. Simple…which is nice.

Existing cardmembers get 5% cashback on online shopping and Visa payWave purchases, as well as 0.3% for all other spend. New card applicants whose accounts are opened from 8 January to 31 March 2018, are eligible to enjoy an additional 5% cashback for the first six months, getting them up to 10% cashback.

Cardmembers need to spend a minimum of S$600 in a calendar month to receive up to S$60 cashback.

Any more? Yes!!!

As part of the refresh, DBS will introduce an exclusive giveaway of DBS Live Fresh X Mr Sabotage merchandise. From 8 January to 31 March 2018, 100 pairs of hand-painted AIR FORCE 1 sneakers and 1,000 G-Shock watches that features the iconic camouflage print will be up for grabs.

Existing cardmembers and new applicants of the refreshed DBS Live Fresh Card will be eligible to win a limited-edition G-Shock watch with every S$50 spent. The top 100 spenders during the campaign period will stand to win a pair of custom-painted AIR FORCE 1 sneakers.


So that’s it. If your regular monthly spending meets the minimum spend, it might be worth including this card in your credit card comparisons as the 10% cash back is pretty lucrative. The exclusive giveaway G-Shock watch is a good punt while if you’re gunning to be the top 100…hmmm, you may wanna get acquainted with our FIRE plan. Do also note the other terms and conditions like annual salary requirement, etc.

It’s very cool to see what Mr Sabotage has achieved by following his passion. Like what he said โ€œI remember when I registered for a business account with DBS 15 years ago, the card came with my companyโ€™s name on it. It was a defining moment, so you can only imagine how psyched I am now to be able to design the face of a DBS card.โ€ You can also check out the short YouTube clip.

I’m super stoked just imagining how having the freedom of FIRE will give SippingCoconuts the chance to make something out of our passions…and who knows where that will take us.


Note: This post was done in collaboration with DBS. Opinions are SippingCoconuts’.

Author: Mr.C

Mr.C – our resident investment expert and the muscle behind this entire movement for Sipping Coconuts. When his nose is not buried in anything financial, he’s either sailing or cooking or with the kids and always with a beer or a coconut nearby!

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