Hustling with Heart

Hustling with Heart

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One of my besties asked me for a favour 2 days ago to coach a friend of hers who is suicidal. I have not coached for a bit now as I’ve been occupied with work and Coco Jr#1 and of course now, with #2. I used to run coaching as a business about 5 years ago and that too a profitable business. I gave it up when I returned to full time work in 2015 to propel our FIRE plans.

Anyway I digress, the thought of a scheduled 1 hour to 1.5 hours a week is almost unthinkable to my mummy brain as I feed Jr #2 on demand so there’s no such thing as uninterrupted time. Yet, I said yes. While as a life coach there’s no Hippocratic oath to be taken, it is there within me. The entire reason I got into life coaching was my passion to help and create lasting change apart from discovering how amazing I am at it, how can I say no to helping a suicidal person? It was a duty of care to myself first and foremost which was quickly followed by excitement as I love to coach. Apart from my family, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of helping my clients achieve their desired outcomes within a quick few sessions.

While I ran coaching as a business, I’ve helped clients who were battling depression, on anxiety medication for over a decade, victims of child rape. Not all my clients had dark issues, I had clients who professionally needed to overcome stage fright and some who had claustrophobia to the extent entering a lift was terrifying and therefore couldn’t take flights! Imagine how their quality of life was impacted!

My very first ‘client’ though was the reason I decided down this path. He had a belief he couldn’t speak to women he liked. He deeply desired a loving relationship and hoped to have a family however had never been on a single date even. Here he was, at age 28 with a successful career and actually quite good looking and with a good heart, unable to have the relationship he desired. 2 hour long sessions later, he sends me a text message that he had a date that night with 2 women! He was stoked! Well hello Casanova! I was amazed at how powerful the coaching techniques were and how easily I changed his quality of life! I remain in touch with Client Zero who is today, a happily married man.

There’s also been some fun outcomes of coaching and the techniques. Mr.C and I did trained together but it was I who took it as my calling. Anyway one of the more fun ‘tricks’ was a technique called “Like to Dislike” which is essentially mapping your mind to dislike something you really liked, like an addiction. As students, we had to experience the techniques ourselves to truly believe it worked so we could exercise it on others with full faith. Having no real addiction other than my nightly cup of very thick hot Milo, I decided that would have to go. 3 minutes later, all my desire to drink Milo was gone. A lifelong ‘ addiction’! The thought of Milo did absolutely nothing to me! Damn, this was good stuff! Mr.C had a ‘bad romance’ with vodka as it typically left him in a daze with lapses of unaccounted time so that needed the boot. 6 years later, Mr.C still has not had a drop of vodka! Powerful stuff here that can be so beneficial especially to those with detrimental addictions!

Coaching quickly became my lucrative side hustle that ticked all the boxes for me and now that I’m having a client again (this Sunday!), I’m beyond excited! I know, beyond a shadow of doubt, I’ll be able to help my client and at the end of about 4-5 hour long sessions she’ll be a brand new lady. I’m excited to see the transformation unfold. The monetary benefit that comes with ain’t bad either 😉

For the record, I’m a trained and certified Life Coach with mad skills, not a random moonlighter. I’m a certified NLP Practitioner, a certified hypnotherapist and a certified Timeline Therapy(c) Practitioner. I’m too legit to quit 😉

I wrote this entire post at 430am whilst I fed Jr#2 and I’m so excited about my upcoming coaching session I’m not sure I can sleep after this! It ain’t work when you love it 😉

Author: Ms.K

Ms.K is everything that Mr.C is, without the natural interest in investing and company financials! The activity planner for the family, the driver of random ideas and soon to be ‘retiring’ in to full time motherhood – Ms.K has no idea what she’s in for but remains super excited!

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4 Replies to “Hustling with Heart”

  1. Hi Ms.K,
    I have been reading you blog for awhile now and really enjoyed the posts. I will be graduating from a polytechnic soon and would like to take up some NLP courses and maybe dive into hypnotherapy too. I am wondering if you could introduce a good place to learn from?
    Thank you so much!


    1. Hi Wendy, thanks for following us! Congrats on the upcoming graduation and I’m happy to hear your interest is doing a NLP and hypno course as I think the world would be a more tolerant place if everyone did a little NLP 😉 It’s been one of the most profound courses I have done to understand myself and the world a little more and be in a state of constant learning.

      I’ll drop you an email with some recommendations 🙂

      Post NLP, life will never be the same 😉

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