Why I’m getting the iPhone X

Why I’m getting the iPhone X

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Ever since I saw the first photos of the new iPhone X, I knew that that was the phone for me.

Our vision has always been to create an iPhone that is entirely screen. One so immersive the device itself disappears into the experience. And so intelligent it can respond to a tap, your voice and even a glance. With iPhone X, that vision is now a reality. Say hello to the future.”

They had me at hello…

So even though the price tag was a not exactly cheap at S$1,648, how could I say no to a phone that’s All SCREEN! SUPER RETINA!!! FACE ID!!!

Having queued up for 20 hours to this morning, the feeling of that S$1.7k block of glass and metal in my hand was absolutely worth it.

Then I woke up from my nightmare….


Haha, thanks for entertaining my attempt at fiction writing albeit with the typical primary school essay ending of waking up from a dream. Lol.

The real story is, I did buy a new phone recently when my 1.5 year old HTC One died in a water sport incident. I had previously gotten my HTC under contract so I think I paid S$400+ for the S$800+ phone. After only 1.5 years the HTC had started feeling slower and the battery life was considerably shortened. So, when it came to deciding on a new phone I was a bit lost having tried both iOS and Android devices, all of which didn’t last very long and eventually I settled on an Asus Zenfone. The Singapore retail price? S$250. KaChing#1!

(Isn’t technology advancing so quickly?  After just 1.5 years, a phone this cheap already had features my HTC One only had in it’s dreams….so to me that was a win.)

Acting on a hunch, Ms.K and I started searching online to look out for bargains and lo and behold we found one selling for S$180 on Lazada! KaChing#2! Being the awesome deal hacker she is, Ms.K commandeered the laptop and set to work by signing into her Shopback (sign up using this link and we both earn $10!) which netted us another S$2.60 in cash back. KaChing#3!

Leveraging off my new UOB PRVI card, I earned 1.4 miles per dollar so that’s roughly S$4.50 in airline miles value. KaChing#4! It also contributed towards my minimum spend amount to get the signup bonus miles…but I’ll just exclude that for now. (silent KaChing) 🙂

Having done the shopping and price comparison online, we had saved time, effort and travel costs compared to going to retail stores and not to mention, 20 hour queues! Let’s leave that un-quantified. (another silent KaChing) I opted for free delivery (because Ms.K had a trial LiveUp membership) so that saved S$2.99 in delivery charges. KaChing#5! The after the fact bonus was that the delivery was done in 7 days, instead of the scheduled 30 days! LiveUp gives a cash rebate on each purchase on Lazada which you can utilise on the next order, so on this order we scored a sweet $9.20 cash rebate which Ms.K promptly used on her next purchase. KaChing#6!

So what’s the net cost of my new phone? Only S$160.70! Ms.K also had a S$5 discount from Lazada from an erroneous order before which we utilised so all in all, the phone set me back by S$155.70!

That’s less than 1/10th the price of the new iPhone X. Is it a better choice? To the Sipping Coconut-ers, yes! 🙂

Confession time, who went out and bought the iPhone X? Wanna let me borrow it so I’ll regret my decision? Lol. Or what’s your most extravagant phone purchase – et tu Vertu anyone?? Share in the comments!

Author: Mr.C

Mr.C – our resident investment expert and the muscle behind this entire movement for Sipping Coconuts. When his nose is not buried in anything financial, he’s either sailing or cooking or with the kids and always with a beer or a coconut nearby!

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6 Replies to “Why I’m getting the iPhone X”

  1. I had the Samsung flagship S3 and S4. After that, it was Xiaomi all the way – the latest one being the Redmi Note 4 that cost me under S$300. Loved my cheapo phone!

    Not quite at your $150-ish level but still, we can form the budget phones club 🙂

    1. Haha, I like the sound of a “Budget Phone Club”! The Constitution is gonna be quite strict though…but okay we’ll relax the rules to $300 so you can join. Lol.

      Putting aside the Nokias of years past, my iPhones and HTCs have been all around $800-900. I think the technology has simply matured that a basic smartphone is already high quality. Kinda like when expensive HDTVs first came out and now any basic TV is HD.

  2. That is really cool! I wanted to get the Xiaomi a few years back when my iphone 4 was dying but was skeptical of porting all my contacts and information from the iphone to Xiaomi, concerned about the interface and all etc. In the end, I got the iphone 6 and had to pay at least $600-$800 for it (can’t remember the actual price but should be in that range).

    1. Porting over from iPhone to Android devices is a bit more of a hassle because of the closed system of iOS. But it’s just a little more effort and research and you have the luxury of time at home instead of waiting in the phone/telco store.

      And to be honest, there might be differences in the user experience. But go try a test unit first then you’d be better informed as to whether it suits you. Mine works perfectly fine for my needs as I’m most concerned about battery life, ease/speed of typing (sensitive keyboard), and decent photo quality.

  3. Got my mum’s iphone 6S+ for free recently when she upgraded to a newer phone. Very well maintained. Phone is a tad laggy but it’s free! (Big kaching of $400-700)
    Am going to get the SIM-only mobile plan in a couple of months when my current contract expires (a kaching of ~$17/mth).

    1. Can’t beat free stuff! 😀

      I’m planning to change my mobile plan too when my contract expires. I’ve been charged for extra data more times than I wish to remember!

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