Ms.K’s Quick, Easy and Delicious Breakfast Ideas

Ms.K’s Quick, Easy and Delicious Breakfast Ideas

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The idea behind this post is more self-serving really, a list of my Quick, Easy and Delicious meals (QED). The criterias are set out in the name itself. As with 95% of the food we make, we try to keep it as healthy as possible. We try!

Some of my QED meals are inspired from recipes online, I take a look at the picture so I know what the end product looks like and skim through the ingredients. I then typically get cooking without looking at the instructions. See, my momma taught me how to cook using a technique called Agar-ism. That is a word I coined that is the art estimating, essentially. The malay word agak-agak means roughly and well, that was my mum’s answer whenever I asked her – how much of x (say, turmeric) do I use?

So no real science here, more of an art and heavily reliant on my taste buds. I like to mix things up, I figured 10 of my favs as a rotation would keep the household happy in between the usually staple toast and butter / Nutella! Behold – a compilation of what I fall back on for a QED brekkie, some with links to recipes that will do a better job than me telling you how to make it as my method of Agar-ism may not work well for you!

Breakfast (also good as Snacks!)

Cucumber and Cream Cheese Sandwich 

A quintessential English tea snack! I use Japanese Cucumbers for this as it’s less watery. There are variations to this. You don’t necessarily need dill, just cream cheese + pepper + lemon does the trick with the cucumber.

Hummus and Cuts of Veg / Fruits

My absolute fav. Hummus is unbelievable tasty but ridiculously expensive in restaurants. When I came across a recipe, I was then flabbergasted by how easy it is to make! I do it all myself, from the tahini to the cooking of the chickpeas (Ms.K’s tip: cook a large batch at a go and freeze what you don’t use) and store it in the fridge for a few days.

We eat it with cuts of oranges, celery and apple slices. CocoJr #1 loves it too, what an amazing way to get him to eat fresh vegs! I just made a jar 3 days ago however there is no longer any evidence that it was present in the house 😀

You can also slather hummus on slices of bread. You can use it as a replacement for mayo. It’s an endless list!

Fruits and Cheddar Cheese

As easy as that! Sometimes it’s just fruits and I try to ensure we have fruits daily – mostly succeed say 5/7 days. I’ve read tips on cutting up fruit beforehand so it’s always handy in the fridge. Unless it’s watermelon, am not a fan of this tip. I like my fruits to be…not brown.

Oats and fruits

I like making my own meals, almost always. It’s cheaper and I can control the ingredients (read that as no sugar and preservatives!). This is easy – steel cut oats / rolled oats boiled over the stove with water or milk, add in some sugar or honey then add your choice of fruits. I usually do apples or bananas. With bananas, I don’t add sugar / honey as much. With apples, I add a little cinnamon. Easy and yum.

Overnight Oats

Yet another easy meal. Yogurt + milk + oats + fruit + honey + chia seeds.

Choc Chip Oats + Banana Pancake

A variation to the usual pancake but this is absolutely delicious. As always, I reduce the sugar to ¼ especially since this has the sweetness from the banana and the choc chips.

Guacamole & Crackers

Another absolute fav. At the age of 1, CocoJR #1 knew what an avocado was much to the surprise of my cousins as it’s not a staple Asian food. That’s how often I make guac. It’s all so fresh and healthy and tasty! This recipe is just as I make it, but I add a few cloves of garlic, some salt and pepper as well. Sometimes instead of all that ingredients, I throw in Old Bay Seasoning with mashed avocado and that’s it. K’s tip: try to get the watery bits of the tomato out before you use it for the dip unless you like your guac to be watery.

Bread, Scrambled Eggs + Mushrooms (Portobello / whatevs)

This is a winner and an easy one to whip up. For the mushroom, any ‘shroom will work really. We use Swiss Brown, White Button, Portobellos…forgiving recipe, clearly.

French Toast / Bombay Toast

I’ve no idea if this is French or Indian. Here’s the recipe that’s closest to what my mum does at home which I love. I’ve seen variations that put in a pinch of cinnamon and substitute the milk for Greek yogurt. I think it will work. Absolutely delish!

My Mum’s Pancake

I’ll have to take a picture the next my mum makes this. It’s a thin pancake, slightly thicker than a crepe and absolutely delish. She combines flour, eggs, milk, sugar, chopped onions (and chilli for us adults) and makes a thin batter that she then cooks over the stove on a flat pan. Easy and yummy.

Your turn! What’s your go-to, quick and easy breakfast options that is suited for yourself and the kids?

Author: Ms.K

Ms.K is everything that Mr.C is, without the natural interest in investing and company financials! The activity planner for the family, the driver of random ideas and soon to be ‘retiring’ in to full time motherhood – Ms.K has no idea what she’s in for but remains super excited!

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