Baby Related Freebies (Singapore 2017)

Baby Related Freebies (Singapore 2017)

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Am a firm believer that if it’s available and you will make use of it, take it! I also believe if you won’t make use of it but know you can pass it on to someone who will, then take it and pass it on. My mum used to tell me how, as a nurse many years ago, she had lots of free milk samples to give out to patients and she’s very in touch with the community so depending on the economic condition of a family, she would try very hard to channel more to the needy as it would help the infants with their nutrition. May be not the best for the milk companies, but to the families she helped, she made a difference. 

Anyway I invested some time last week to look for free samples being given out, as I recall getting loads when I was pregnant with the first bub. I gave away most of the milk samples I received at that point as I was breastfeeding, and was touched when some of the mothers who came to pick up the samples brought me sweets / biscuits as a token of appreciation and thanked me profusely for giving the milk away for free. It wasn’t the sweets/biscuits that mattered, but that they thought to say thank you in the little way that they can. I love to help in the little way I can too!

I didn’t keep a list from back then so now I have to seek them out! It does take a bit of time doing the form-filling for the below and if you are pressed for time then I would suggest just do the milk samples as it’s better value for money whereas the diapers, well at appx. 20 cents a diaper – well may not be worth your time.

Random Samples

  1. Abbott / Similac Diaper & Stroller Bag worth $80 – sign up here! Looks quite nice, I’ve yet to receive mine. I’m likely to give mine away as I have a Skip Hop diaper bag from the first bub – SCJr.
  2. Free Cradle of Love Goodie Bag – In exchange of 30 mins of your time to listen to a Great Eastern Insurance agent do a sales pitch, you will receive a White & Blue diaper bag. Lots of free samples in there (Palmers sachets, wet wipes, J&J baby oil, a small milk bottle, 1 milk storage bag, lots of magazines and vouchers etc).
  3. Passion Baby Card – Special Edition PAssion Card for Singapore Citizen babies born in the year of 2016 and 2017. The website is very straightforward to use.
  4. Baby Bundle Bag Set – By Three Little Words. You need to invest 30 mins of your time to listen to a sales pitch, likely on insurance.

Lotion Samples (for baby or for mummy’ stretched tummy!)

  1. Aveeno Lotion Samples – I just love Aveeno products. Must be the smell <3
  2. Physiogel – Pricey stuff, try the sample first!
  3. Jergens – I’ve tried this before and I quite like it.

Milk Powder for Babies & Mums (in alphabetical order)

  1. Abbott – I signed up for the free sample and very quickly received 3 sachets of single-use Maternal Milk for Pregnant & Breast-feeding Mothers. I’ve had friends tell me they receive 400g tins of milk powder as their child turns 6 months old automatically from the details you provide. This remains to be seen, shall update this post when I reach that mark! In addition to the above, I signed up to receive a Pediasure Trial Kit as well for SCJr. I’ll update this post when I do receive it. For Child Nutrition, I signed up here for a sample ( some samples are sachets, some are discount vouchers and some are 400g tins, so take your pick!)
  2. Anmum – This is more for mommas than the infant / toddler. You have 2 sample options, I tried filling the form twice (the power of asking, or in this case – trying!) and it went through both times – once for Materna (pregnant mums) and once for Lacta (breastfeeding mums).
  3. Aptamil – Free Discovery Pack – basically you will receive some really fancy reading material printed on matt paper. Fit for a wedding! There’ll you will have a coupon to redeem a 900g tin at NTUC. I received this fairly quickly as well.
  4. Dumex – Here’s the link for the samples and a gift pack for pregnant mums worth $80. The gift pack link does not work for me though, keeps taking me to update my profile!
  5. Enfa – This website is rather outdated and messy. Create an account then request for samples however a pop up will appear if the sample you have requested is out of stock. I was offered Enfamama Expecting, a 400g tin. I figured why not, am not drinking anything special now. Let’s hope I get it in time before I actually deliver 😀
  6. Einmilk – This is made in Singapore and I received it really fast, a generous 400g tin.
  7. Friso – A number of options to choose from, from Frisomum Gold to Friso Stages 2,3,4 and cereal as well. Limited to one option only though.
  8. Karihome Goat’s MilkThere’s options for 2 types of samples, 7-12 months and 1-3 years. I always wanted to try Karihome but it was too expensive so this is nice. I’ll have to try later though as the 1-3 years is out of stock! You can also request for Karihome assorted sweets (this will be for me, haha!)
  9. Nestle – There appears to be 3 types of samples available at this point, 2 types of milk and some cereal samples. I’ll be requesting for the samples when my lil bub actually turns 6 months. Added a reminder to my calendar right now! 🙂 If you sign up for the Nestle Baby Club, you will either receive a weaning bag or a new mum’s bag. Looking forward to receive mine! I’d ask you to update your Account Profile as you register just to make sure the record is captured re your child’s age and expected due date. Let’s not leave anything to chance now shall we?
  10. S26 – Straightforward website, choose the sample you like and a simple form to fill up and voila, you will receive your sample.

Free diaper samples (in alphabetical order)

  1. Drypers – You can Request for a Sample via their Facebook Page! A very easy form to fill up.
  2. Goo.N Diapers – Register an account and get a free sample. I did this 3 years ago for my first son, and can’t seem to do it again for my upcoming bub. 1 sample per lifetime 🙂
  3. Huggies – Register and request for samples.  You can request up to one sample per product per household. I LOVE HUGGIES 😀 Received it quite fast as well.
  4. MamyPoko – No form here! You’ve to send details via Facebook Private Message (PM). You will receive a message after that asking to furnish some details. Appears as though after 6 months, you can request for another sample 🙂
  5. Merries – Straightforward form, only 1 diaper.

Happy requesting samples! Let me know if there’s more out there that I missed out and I’ll be happy to add on to the list above 🙂 

Author: Ms.K

Ms.K is everything that Mr.C is, without the natural interest in investing and company financials! The activity planner for the family, the driver of random ideas and soon to be ‘retiring’ in to full time motherhood – Ms.K has no idea what she’s in for but remains super excited!

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